Selling Your business – Can employee ownership be a successful succession route for food businesses?

At 10am on Tuesday 23rd February we shall be hosting a webinar that focuses on Employee Ownership in the Food Industry.

For our February webinar on 23rd February 2021 at 10am, we shall be focussing on Employee Ownership in the Food Industry. The future for this industry is challenging but potentially exciting given increased interest in local products and further development of the local tourism as a result of risk to overseas travel. Succession planning and skills retention will be key topics for many food companies. Many food companies are family owned which poses particular challenges for succession planning.

We are delighted to announce that our guest speaker will be Kees Huysmans, Managing Director at Tregroes Waffles, a Welsh employee-owned company. Kees will explain why he chose employee ownership for the company using an Employee Ownership Trust, how it works, how it encouraged investment and the company’s experience so far. You will also learn about Riverford Organic Farmers journey to employee ownership.

Our advisers Sarah, Branwen and Paul will also talk through all ownership succession options before focussing on employee ownership through an employee ownership trust and the various ways this can be done.

We aim to start at 10 am and conclude by 11.15am.

Register now to learn how you can use an employee ownership trust to achieve employee ownership and realise improved engagement and incentivisation of your team.

(This session will be run in English)

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