Research Report, June 2023: The Economic Benefit of Employee Ownership in Wales

Get insight into the economic benefits of the model, as well as impacts on productivity, resilience and employee engagement.
Employee Ownership (EO) in the UK has doubled over the last three years, indeed by December 2022, research by the EOA and the White Rose Centre for Employee Ownership saw the number reach 1,300.

Here in Wales we have also seen a dramatic growth in businesses becoming employee owned. At Cwmpas we wanted to understand what is driving Welsh businesses to transition into EO. 

Economic benefit of employee ownership report cover, Wales 2023.

To this end Wavehill have been commissioned by Cwmpas to help ascertain the benefits of employee ownership in Wales by engaging with businesses that have successfully transitioned to an EO model. This follows the Welsh Government’s commitment to doubling the number of EO businesses (EOBs) in Wales, as set out in the Programme for Government.

“The enormous benefits are about keeping wealth in the communities that have created that wealth. A significant benefit for me as a shareholder is the sustainability of the business long after I’m no longer working in it and the opportunities it provides for the team that have helped us build that business.” 

Itec Training Solutions, one of the EO businesses interviewed as part of the research. 

Other News

With the original founders moving on, the ownership of the business will be transferred to Orchard’s staff from October 1st this year, when an employee owned trust will own and manage the company.
An Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) is a relatively simple way for a company to become employee owned and is far simpler to manage than allocating all the shares to employees individually.