Our Services

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Business Evaluation

We can assess your business, provide advice on all succession options and help you choose the best path for you.

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Staff and Board Engagement

We can work with owners, managers, directors and employees to make sure everyone is involved and understands the process.​

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We can provide an independent valuation of your business.​

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Leadership Development

We can work with key employees who will be taking on business management responsibilities and make sure they have the skills and confidence they need.​

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Financial Advice

We can help put the appropriate financial processes in place to transfer the owner’s shares, either directly to the employees or via an employee ownership trust.​

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Tax Advice

We can provide advice on the tax relief and tax free profit shares that employee owned companies may be eligible for.​

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Ongoing Advice

Once the deal is sealed, we can provide ongoing advice on managing the transition and keeping employees engaged.​

Our Process

Our role is to manage the entire business ownership transition using the our fully funded four-step process:


A first meeting with you to discuss your objectives and assess your expectations. Outlining the seven options for selling your business, including the four main options for selling to your employees. Map out which transfer plan may achieve your objectives.


Develop your preferred transfer plan and ensure the business is in the right shape and structure to be sold. Detailed work includes an independent valuation of your business, preparing a business plan and discussions with finance providers. Agreement of the plan.


Once we have supported you to draw up your ‘heads of terms’ your next step will be to arrange legal and tax advice*. We will facilitate discussions with your advisors, to support you every step of the way and help you arrange your completion day. *Please note, we cannot fund legal fees


Post-agreement support to help the new company adjust to the new structure. Ongoing advice and training provided to the new management, Board and shareholders as well as professional advisors such as Accountants. Help with future distribution of shares.

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