Heron is Taking Flight With Smooth Employee Ownership Transition

We are delighted to have supported another Welsh business to become employee owned.

Congratulations to Newport-based Chartered financial planning and wealth management firm, Heron House Financial Management, for finalising their Employee Ownership transition.

Paul Cantrill, Business Advisor at the Employee Ownership Wales team at Social Business Wales, said: “It’s great to see another thriving Welsh business decide to go down the Employee Ownership route and we wish them ongoing success. We know one of the main drivers behind this evolution for Heron House has been their wish to ensure the firm’s ethos and identity was retained as they looked ahead to their succession plans. This is a theme that we hear often from companies who transition to Employee Ownership, and we would encourage business owners of a similar mindset to talk to us about an Employee Ownership model that could fit their aspirations for their firm.”

Read more here: https://www.insidermedia.com/news/wales/financial-management-firm-becomes-employee-owned

Other News

November 12, 2020
We are very proud to have supported another successful firm, Wavehill, to switch to an employee-owned model. The Aberaeron-based social and economic research company has made the transition in order to cement its team-orientated ethos and business approach.
November 6, 2020
There are many reasons why an increasing number of firms are opting to switch to an Employee Ownership model. The most important reasons often cited are: to ensure smooth business succession and to reward and engage a valued workforce. However, the fact that firms can benefit from Capital Gains Tax relief when they transition to Employee Ownership doesn’t go unnoticed.
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