Guest blog from The Employee Ownership Association (EOA): The EOA Conference

As November 16-18th sees their annual conference we have teamed up with them to give Welsh businesses the opportunity to hear from the EOA on the state of employee ownership.

Unlocking potential through employee ownership: The EOA Conference

The employee owned sector in the UK has seen a huge surge since the start of 2020, having grown by 30% in that time.

A perfect storm of circumstances has brought ownership succession into focus for many SMEs. After an initial quiet start in March 2020, an influx of businesses started making enquiries to organisations supporting employee ownership across the UK.

Covid-19 provided a real shake up for some business owners who suddenly felt the need to have a sharper focus on their succession plans. While the policy landscape, with its focus on better business for the environment, society and governance saw early signs of employee ownership acting as a catalyst for many of the desired impacts. This teamed with a review on Capital Gains Tax gave an impetus to complete transitions quickly within a tighter timeframe and led to the surge of new employee owned businesses.

The EOA’s purpose is to unlock the potential of people, business, and the economy through good employee ownership. Supporting businesses to unlock their potential is the focus of our annual conference which runs on the afternoons of 16-18 November.

Unlocking the potential of people

By bringing people together to network, share experiences and develop best practices, employee owners can gain understanding and develop the skills needed to help bring the powerful benefits of employee ownership to life and keep it alive in their business.

Good governance with good engagement and communications allow employee owners to get involved in the business, which helps them to grow and develop, helping to deliver impact for the business.

Unlocking the potential of businesses

In businesses where people have an ownership stake and a voice, they feel ownership over their actions. Being employee owned doesn’t automatically make you become a more ethical business, but it unites people behind a common purpose which makes it easier to drive both performance and other impacts.

In employee owned businesses, leadership that empowers and engages employees as owners is essential to deliver these outcomes. At the EOA Conference you’ll see lots of examples of high performing employee owned businesses, showcasing where their engagement strategies are driving success.

Unlocking the potential of the economy

The more businesses that become employee owned, the more employees can share in responsibility and reward, leading to  more empowered employees who can affect positively affect the performance of their business and keep their jobs rooted resiliently in the regions.

Evidence suggests that employee ownership delivers more resilient businesses, as well as better engaged and rewarded employees. At the EOA Conference, you’ll hear businesses sharing their EO story, supported by the expert advice of our adviser network to help others explore employee ownership.

To explore employee ownership for succession, or learn about developing good employee ownership and better business practices, join us for a choice of 40 learning and networking sessions live across the afternoons of 16-18 November. Plus get access to more than 20 hours of on-demand learning content post-event for 60 days.

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