FREE Webinars – Succession Planning For Your Business? Learn From Businesses Who are Thriving After Their Switch To Employee Ownership

At 10am on Wednesday 2nd December we will be hosting the first in a series of FREE ‘Selling Your Business’ webinars targeted at business owners who are considering the best way to exit their business – even if you’re not quite ready to take that step yet.

No matter what stage your business is at, even if retirement is a long way off for you, having a well-planned exit strategy in place is crucial and it is never too early to start looking at your options.

Attend this workshop to learn how employee ownership using an Employee Ownership Trust offers a tax efficient owner succession that protects your company’s legacy whilst providing a competitive price for your business. Could it be the right succession solution for you?

You will hear from Dylan Huws, Founder and Managing Director of Welsh TV company. Cwmni Da, which became employee owned in 2019. Dylan will explain why they considered employee ownership, how they became employee owned and how things have worked out since.

Attendees will also hear from our Business Advisors, Sarah Owens and Paul Cantrill, who will talk through all ownership and succession options before focussing on employee ownership through an Employee Ownership Trust, how to ensure a smooth process and how we can help you on the journey.


  • 10.00 Chair’s welcome – Nicola Mehegan
  • 10:05 Introduction – Sarah Owens
  • 10.10 Ownership Succession Options and the Employee Ownership Trust – Paul Cantrill
  • 10.35 Dylan Huws, Cwmni Da
  • 11:00 Support available – Sarah Owens
  • 11.05 Q&A
  • 11.30 Close

This is the first in a series of ‘Selling Your Business’ webinars that we will be bringing you over the coming weeks and months. At each session you can learn about the exit options available to you and get expert advice from specialist advisers. Find out if selling to your employees is the right choice for you and your business and get tips on how to make sure the process goes smoothly.

At each session you’ll also hear directly from a business owner who has successfully made the transition to employee ownership. Learn more about the factors that influenced their decision, as well as the process and how they’re getting on now.

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Other News

November 12, 2020
We are very proud to have supported another successful firm, Wavehill, to switch to an employee-owned model. The Aberaeron-based social and economic research company has made the transition in order to cement its team-orientated ethos and business approach.
November 6, 2020
There are many reasons why an increasing number of firms are opting to switch to an Employee Ownership model. The most important reasons often cited are: to ensure smooth business succession and to reward and engage a valued workforce. However, the fact that firms can benefit from Capital Gains Tax relief when they transition to Employee Ownership doesn’t go unnoticed.
November 2, 2020
Considering switching your business to an Employee Ownership model? You are not alone. More and more savvy business owners are opting for the EO structure, in order to reward their valued teams, create a clear path for succession and to benefit from tax incentives. If you are deliberating over the structure your EO scheme should take, here are some pointers.