Employee Ownership Research Launch

Join us on Employee Ownership Day

Employee Ownership (EO) has become increasingly prominent within public discourse in Wales and throughout the UK. At this free, online event we will highlight the impact of EO in Wales by launching newly commissioned research findings.

Please join us to hear from speakers including the Welsh Government on the importance of EO in Wales, with Cwmpas giving an overview of the report findings. Covering:

  • The benefits of EO for businesses, employees and society / the economy at large
  • How EO affects business productivity, growth, and resilience/
  • The impact on staff
  • The structures of EO – such as the use of EOTs (employee ownership trusts) in Wales.
Employee Ownership Wales event poster with speakers and date.

Other News

With the original founders moving on, the ownership of the business will be transferred to Orchard’s staff from October 1st this year, when an employee owned trust will own and manage the company.