Employee Ownership (EO) Day 2022

Employee Ownership Day 2022- This Year’s Theme – #GrowEO

On Friday 24th June 2022 it’s the 10th Employee Ownership (EO) Day, during that time Employee Ownership in the UK has dramatically expanded – we are supporting the Employee Ownership Association to raise awareness of the journey so far and the opportunity to grow employee ownership and its impact on the economy.

Employee ownership is evidenced as delivering benefits for employees, for businesses as well as providing a succession solutions that roots jobs sustainably for the longer term.

Employee Owned businesses are more productive, more resilient and are rooted in their local areas and communities, securing good jobs in the regions that are key to the levelling up agenda. Employee ownership promotes investing in the long-term, looking honestly at Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues and how best to tackle them.

In a recent survey, 70% of employee-owned businesses said they saw employee ownership as a socially responsible thing to do, with 77% of those surveyed having ‘making a positive contribution to society and environment’ as part of their purpose.

Employee ownership helps to grow individuals too, with employee owners reporting feeling high levels of accomplishment in their work and satisfaction with their employer, we know that employee owners have excellent opportunities for development and the financial benefits for employee owners can be life changing.

In addition:

  • UK employee owned companies contribute over £30 billion to the UK economy annually
  • Employee-owners have higher levels of job satisfaction, feel a greater sense of achievement and job security, and are more likely to recommend their workplace than employees in non-employee owned businesses
  • Employee owned businesses operate in a range of sectors including healthcare, social care, education, transport, manufacturing, retail and professional services

Since it started 10 years ago, the reach of EO Day and the scale of the sector has grown – both have more than doubled in the past few years – now we have the opportunity to accelerate the pace of growth and reach even wider audiences about employee ownership and its impact on the economy.

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