Employee Ownership Solutions from specialist consultants

Whether you’re thinking of stepping back, selling up or investigating a different way to engage your employees, we could have the employee ownership solution for you.

Is your business based in Wales? We provide fully-funded, bespoke consultancy support, to help you decide if employee ownership (EO) is the right solution for you and your business.
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Direct Employee Ownership

Employees become individual owners of shares: using tax advantages share schemes.

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Indirect Employee Ownership

The Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) model: shares are held collectively on behalf of all employees.

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Combined/hybrid Employee Ownership

A combination of both direct and collective share ownership.

How we can help

Whether you’re considering selling your business, stepping back as part of a succession plan, or looking for a different way to engage and motivate your workforce, employee ownership is a solution you should be considering.

There are a number of potential routes that you and your business can go down. From direct employee ownership, indirect employee ownership (the collective holding of shares using an EOT), or to maybe combining the two (hybrid model of employee ownership). Our experienced and specialist employee ownership consultants can help manage the whole process for you – with our fully-funded advice and support.

If you would like to discuss employee ownership further and learn how we can help you with your succession plans, please get in touch.

It can be a very big decision to make, but with us by your side, you, your business and future employee owners are in very safe hands.

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Business Evaluation

We can assess your business, provide advice on all succession options and help you choose the best path for you.

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Staff and Board Engagement

We can work with owners, managers, directors and employees to make sure everyone is involved and understands the process.​

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We can help you with an independent valuation of your business.​

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Leadership Development

We can work with key employees who will be taking on business management responsibilities and make sure they have the skills and confidence they need.​

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Deal Structure advice

We can help you decide on the best deal structure, based on financial and personal circumstances. We can link you to suitable lenders where appropriate.

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Tax Advice

We can provide advice on the tax relief and tax free profit shares that employee owned companies may be eligible for.​

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Ongoing Advice

Once the deal has been sealed, we can provide ongoing advice; bringing employee ownership in your business to life.


With the original founders moving on, the ownership of the business will be transferred to Orchard’s staff from October 1st this year, when an employee owned trust will own and manage the company.

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